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Hair Restoration With
Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is harvested from a small sample of your blood, and is high in healing and growth factors. When applied to the scalp over a series of 6 treatments, dormant hair follicles are restored and hair thickness and density increases.

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How Does it Work?
This treatment uses your own body’s chemical signals to stimulate regeneration of your hair follicles. Jen will draw a small sample of your blood, spin it in a centrifuge, and draw up your PRP. She will perform a nerve block using local anesthesia so the procedure is comfortable, the numbness will last around 30 minutes to an hour. Your PRP is then injected into the scalp using small needles focusing on your areas of main concern. This process is repeated monthly for 6 treatments.
Am I a Good Candidate?
Good candidates for hair restoration with PRP are people who are experiencing age-related hair loss, post-pregnancy hair loss, COVID related hair loss, or similar hair thinning situations. If hair loss is advanced and includes areas that are fully bald, this treatment may not be effective. Hair restoration with PRP targets dormant hair follicles, but will not restore dead hair follicles.
Does it Hurt?
This treatment would be uncomfortable if you did it without any numbing agent. Jen is a nurse anesthetist, so she is experienced in nerve blocks and able to perform them for this procedure. We do not recommend topical numbing creams, as some research suggests it may interfere with the treatment.
Is There Any Down Time?
No. Your hair may look a bit messy, but you can go about your daily life.
Can I Do Less Than 6 Treatments?
We only offer hair restoration with PRP as a package of 6 treatments, because we do not see adequate results with fewer treatments.
What Are The Risks?
There are very few risks to hair restoration with PRP. Mild soreness, sensitivity, or bruising and rare and self-limiting.
How Much Does it Cost?
A package of six treatments is $2700

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