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The number one factor in determining how your skin ages is your daily skin care routine. We offer high quality skin care products to maintain and nourish your skin. Not only can good skin care protect your skin from aging, it maximizes your results from every other treatment!

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Is Medical Grade Skincare Worth The Investment?
This is a question every person needs to answer for themselves. There are over-the-counter skin care products that are great, and there are medical grade products that are not great. The difference is really in the consultation–a skilled provider assessing your skin and making a custom recommendation. We have a select number of products available that we have tried and found reliable and effective.
Do I need a 10-step skin care routine?
No. Jen will usually start you off with three products: a cleanser, a morning moisturizer, and an evening moisturizer. You can get all the essential ingredients with these three items. The best skin care routine is the one you actually do, so we like to keep it simple enough to commit to on a regular basis.
Do I have to wear sunscreen year round?
Yes. This is the number one thing you can do to prevent both aging and skin cancer. UVB is what gives you sunburns in winter, but UVA is present all year and travels like an x-ray through windows, clouds, and light clothing.
I feel like my skin has changed and I don’t know what I should do differently; can you help?
Yes! We offer free skin care consultation with every treatment. Our skin does change with age, and we can adjust your skin care accordingly.

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