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Facial Contouring
‍‍With Dermal Fillers

Filler can be used in small amounts to restore a youthful contour to the face, or improve the balance of facial features. Jen specializes in subtle, natural results that help you feel amazing and leave everyone else guessing.

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What Is It?
Dermal filler is usually hyaluronic acid gel, it looks like clear grape jelly. You already have hyaluronic acid in your skin, so bad reactions are very rare. It is able to be dissolved, or reversed, with hyaluronidase, a medication we keep on hand at all times. Other fillers do exist that are not reversible, but we do not typically use these for facial contouring due to the risk of complications.
I Don't Want To Look Overdone!
It’s not a question, but we hear it all the time. We don’t want to look overdone either, and we promise not to do it to you. Jen always recommends small treatments over a period of months to let you adjust to the small changes and to reduce downtime and the risk of complications.
Are There Any Risks?
The most important risk of dermal filler is that if it is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel, it will stop blood flow through that vessel, this is called vascular compromise. Signs of vascular compromise are gray or whitish skin that doesn’t turn pink when you press on it, and severe pain. Vascular compromise is treated by dissolving the filler with an enzyme called hyaluronidase; we keep a large volume of hyaluronidase on site at all times. If you think you are having a complication, you should call Jen directly at 603-460-5706. There are several ways Jen reduces your risk of this complication. She will map out your blood vessels using ultrasound before and after your filler treatment. This allows her to know exactly where your blood vessels are, and to assess their flow after treatment. She also uses cannula whenever possible, which has a lower risk of vascular compromise. Jen is also a member of Complications in Medical Aesthetic Collaborative (CMAC), a nonprofit aimed at supporting aesthetic clinicians in education and training for complication prevention and management. Other complications of dermal filler are usually treated by dissolving the filler.
What Is The Down Time?
Jen prefers to perform conservative treatments over time so that your bruising and swelling are minimized. Bruising is normal and expected, but some people do not bruise at all. We can recommend makeup brands that best cover bruising, should it occur. Swelling should also be minimal, and should not interrupt your daily life.
How Long Will It Last?
The filler companies will tell you it lasts 12-18 months, but that’s because that's when they stopped their research studies. We now know that filler can last a long time. Jen recommends treatment with filler not on a schedule, but when it is indicated by changes in your facial contour. There are three things that most affect the duration of your filler treatment: the individual (some people wear it out sooner than others), the mobility of the area (lips wear out faster than cheeks), and exposure to UV light (wear your SPF!). 
What Is The Cost?
Cost depends heavily on the areas treated and your anatomy. We strongly recommend you come in for a free consultation so Jen can let you know what would be needed to meet your goals. To give you a frame of reference, lip filler is usually $500-800, and cheek treatment is around $800-$1600.

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