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Micro-Needling With PRP
In New Hampshire

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is harvested from a small sample of your blood, and is high in healing and growth factors. When it is applied to the surface of the skin and combined with micro-needling, it stimulates collagen formation, reduces fine lines, treats rosacea, reduces acne and pigmentation, and restores skin.

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How Does it Work?
This treatment uses your body’s own chemical signals to stimulate collagen formation and resurface skin. First, we’ll apply a numbing cream to the areas to be treated. Jen will draw a sample of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge. She will then draw up your PRP. Jen will apply your PRP to your skin and apply a microneedling device to the skin. Microneedling uses a pen-like device with tiny needles that go in and out very quickly to a depth of about 1.5mm. This does two things: it creates microtraumas to your skin, which trigger the healing process and stimulate collagen formation, and it creates microchannels to deliver the PRP to the deepest layers of the skin. When the treatment is complete your face will be red like you went for a run, but there will be no visible blood. You’ll leave the PRP on your skin until the next morning, when you’ll rinse with warm water and apply SPF. The next night you’ll resume your normal skin care routine. A day or two later you may notice light flaking like dry skin. The full result of the treatment is in about one month when your tissues have regenerated from the treatment. 
What Does It Treat?
We recommend microneedling with PRP to anyone looking to firm their skin, treat fine lines, treat acne scarring or pigmentation, or simply to make a deposit in their skin savings bank. One single treatment will not have a profound effect on any significant problem, but a series of 3 will significantly reduce problem areas.
Is There Any Down Time?
You’ll look red on the day of the procedure. The next day you may still be slightly red, but you can use makeup if you like.
Does It Hurt?
Numbing cream should make the procedure comfortable. The micro-needling pen feels like a vibrating toothbrush.
What Are The Risks?
There are very few risks to micro-needling with PRP.
How Much Does It Cost?
Micro-needling with PRP is $540 per treatment.

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