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Let me start by saying I’m not for everyone. I’ve taken some stances on topics which actually make me a poor fit for some people. But for others I am a much better fit than the alternatives. In conversation with my clients (the ones who are a perfect fit for me), they all tell me the same three things that set me apart from other aesthetic providers in the area.

It’s just me.

I am the only provider at Relevé Medical Aesthetics, so you never have to wonder if you’ll get the same provider as last time. I hear things like, “I never knew who I was going to get when I walked in there, and it made me nervous,” “sometimes I’d see one person who would do an amazing job, and then I’d get someone else and it just wasn’t as good.”

You want consistency. You want me to know exactly what we did last time and replicate it, because the results were just right.

You also want a partnership. You feel more comfortable because we’re on the same page about where you started, what your long term goals are, and maybe more importantly, what you don’t want. When I make a new or different recommendation, you know it’s because I truly believe it’s in your best interest, not just to make a buck.

This is why Relevé is set up as my personal office, not a medspa. I offer a narrow range of key treatments that can help you meet your confidence goals with the least amount of down time, cost, and risk.

Extra time built in.

When you get a treatment, you want to feel relaxed, pampered, and cared for. You don’t want to feel like a number, rushed through a treatment so the next person can get going. That’s why my appointment times are usually longer than we really need. I love that I have plenty of time to answer questions every time you come in, even if we’ve done the same treatment twenty times before.

We have time to talk about other treatment options that you might not yet have considered, or new issues that have cropped up. I can explain why a specific skin care ingredient will really help you, rather than just having time to say “trust me.”

My focus on whole-person health means I want to hear about how your holiday was, how the kids are doing in sports, how your aging parent is doing. It helps me care for you better when our relationship is more than skin deep.

Safe, ethical care.

One of the most cringeworthy things I’m told providers say to patients is, “you’re going to want more, trust me.” And then they add ‘more,’ and lose their patients' trust. They are incentivized, whether directly by pay structures, or indirectly by the pressure to pay off business debts, to upsell you.

As a sole provider with no investors or loans to pay off, I operate completely independently of external pressures to “sell.” I don’t have expensive lasers to pay off, or building mortgages due. I make treatment recommendations based solely on what is the actual best treatment for you.

This ethical freedom is one of the reasons I left hospital-based medicine. I am free to help you according to my own high standards of what is really best for you, free from bureaucracy.

Who I’m not for.

I’m not for you if you want really full lips. I just don’t do it, and you would probably be happier with the result going to someone else.

I’m not for you if you’re looking for sales and discounts. Treatments that I do are medical procedures that I don’t believe should be price-shopped. I’m looking to form trusting relationships with long term patients.

Finally, I’m not for you if you’re not really ready to move forward with treatment and you’re looking for someone to ‘convince’ you. I won’t ever push you to do something you’re not comfortable with, because I don’t think you’ll get the confidence boost you’re looking for if you weren’t ready to move forward.

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